Microphones are important in conference and KTV systems, but does one know the four components of procurement?

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Today we chose this question that is often asked in the background:How do professionals choose microphones? Next we invited Wu Gong of Enping Pasigao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to answer this question.

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First: How can ordinary consumers distinguish quality and effect when buying microphones?

1, from a visual point of view, to see whether the product design companies have a unique design teaching style, or with many similar products on the market development are we the same appearance, if the Chinese products have their own design different style and fit the consumer favorite is through a national quality indicators.

2, microphone materials and production processes, materials generally have all-metal, metal-plastic parts mixed and all-plastic three categories, but the specific product design style, cost and process implementation difficulties to determine, usually consumers can use the actual use of the feeling to define the texture of the product.

3, microphone key operation is relatively smooth, the key touch feels good, operational reliability is considered a improved quality product.

4、As a consumer, the microphone sound quality is judged to be good or bad mainly by the sense of hearing.

5, the stability of the sound transmission and the effective transmission distance of the microphone, consumers can pick the right logo products according to their own use requirements, here is not the farther the transmission distance the greater, but in the logo of the effective use of the distance of the signal without interruption, no interference, no noise is a quality product.

Second: What are the indicators that professional users value more in a microphone?

1、Dynamic range

Generally speaking, the human ear can hear the minimum sound and maximum sound range is 0 to 120 decibels (dB), microphones also have a recording volume range, we call the electric frequency difference, that is, the dynamic range. Microphone parameters are generally marked as Max SPL and E.I.N (maximum sound pressure and bottom noise), the latter minus the former is the dynamic range of the microphone, for example, Max SPL 130 dB SPL and E.I.N 16 dB, so the receiving range is 114 dB. If the bottom noise is too high, the sound is weak, it must be very close to the source, otherwise it is simply impossible to record below the bottom noise Otherwise, it will not record at all. So the wider the dynamic range the improved, but the price may be higher.

2, frequency response

We talked about the dynamic management range research mainly through the microphone can technically accept the input volume decibel range, while the frequency response (Freqency Response) refers to the microphone to different operating frequencies and the volume of the sound response. The microphone’s frequency analysis response time range is between 20Hz and 20kHz, the greater the range of application of this value, the much better the microphone, in the sound of post-production effects processing will also have some help. The microphone with good frequency response, if there is a show curve, you can find the line is flat in time, that is, in most students can directly respond to the frequency of the main nearly equal radio effect, very suitable for China to include the real ambient sound. Of course, some of the microphones used to record specific ethnic instruments or vocals may have different frequency response countries, but that is another is a study of professional issues.

3: What are the main advantages of the mainstream wireless U-segment microphones?

1, u section, also known as uhf, is a high frequency receiver, generally defined as 500mhz-900mhz frequency, with stable, strong anti-interference ability, long receiving distance, etc. 2, the cost is more expensive, generally used for demanding occasions, suitable for unified use of multiple sets of installation, usually can be divided into multiple frequency bands, to achieve the same occasion multiple machines multi-frequency use without interference.

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Microphones are essential in meeting and KTV methods, but would you know the 4 factors of procurement?

Microphones are essential in meeting and KTV techniques, but do you know the four factors of procurement?

Use this microphone when singing outdoors, training and assembly in conference rooms

Kitchen work area we regardless of the size of the business, do a good job of these ten home design tips, use more convenient, easier to take care of

1, space reasonable arrangement planning

Photo source homeowner @ please call me dumb

When doing kitchen layout, the first thing to consider is to operate the mobile line, which will make it easier for us to make delicious food.

The process of getting food from the refrigerator to the table should be in a straight line to reduce the arrangement of folding back, which is more conducive to our operation. The most common kitchen layout is „L“ and „U“. My kitchen is relatively small, but it is designed as a U-shape, which works very well and makes full use of the space.

How do you determine whether to design an „L“ or „U“ shape?

Of course, according to the size of the kitchen, „L-shaped“ is the current standard kitchen layout, small kitchens are designed as „L“, large areas are designed as „U“, of course, the larger the kitchen, the more cabinets, accept the natural and more convenient.

2, wall painting waterproof

Most kitchens do not leak, my home is not, but I still insist on the walls and floors are coated with a waterproof layer, because the kitchen and bathroom are the same, are wet environmental protection zone, waterproof it also has a moisture-proof function, will be more protective of wood cabinets, will not mold.

Tips: In the back of the tiles, cabinets and cabinets, you can choose the material paste in the lower corner of the living room, will reduce some material costs.

3、Cabinets choose drawers for separate storage

▲Most people’s kitchen floor cabinets are ordinary floor, storage function is too little. Instead, I chose a drawer design with storage dividers. One layer is for tea, coffee and baking materials, and the other layer is for various knives and forks and tableware.

▲ ordinary drawer as long as we time, you will find that looking for yourself a use knife and fork to cut something students will panic, and when you find it, the pot has been burned paste, this is through the drawer the most common method is also one of the most confusing storage home business. So after using good drawer separation to do storage, neatly regulate the orderly listing of various living utensils, at a glance, you will find for the entire social world are smooth.

4. Make full use of the wall between the hanging cabinets and floor cabinets

Planning a good line to produce cabinets and hanging cabinets, that is, only the middle wall can be used, and more and more knives at home, cutting meat, cutting fruit even scissors add up to nearly 10.

▲ I installed a magnetic knife rack on the wall to store all the tools, big and small. The orderly row is very beautiful and easy to take up.

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The “home pain points” that countless Chinese families are prone to step on because of their education, each one of them is heartbreaking and I really regret not installing the right one.