Microphones are important in conference and KTV systems, but does one know the four components of procurement?

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Today we chose this question that is often asked in the background:How do professionals choose microphones? Next we invited Wu Gong of Enping Pasigao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to answer this question.

usb clip on microphone
First: How can ordinary consumers distinguish quality and effect when buying microphones?

1, from a visual point of view, to see whether the product design companies have a unique design teaching style, or with many similar products on the market development are we the same appearance, if the Chinese products have their own design different style and fit the consumer favorite is through a national quality indicators.

2, microphone materials and production processes, materials generally have all-metal, metal-plastic parts mixed and all-plastic three categories, but the specific product design style, cost and process implementation difficulties to determine, usually consumers can use the actual use of the feeling to define the texture of the product.

3, microphone key operation is relatively smooth, the key touch feels good, operational reliability is considered a improved quality product.

4、As a consumer, the microphone sound quality is judged to be good or bad mainly by the sense of hearing.

5, the stability of the sound transmission and the effective transmission distance of the microphone, consumers can pick the right logo products according to their own use requirements, here is not the farther the transmission distance the greater, but in the logo of the effective use of the distance of the signal without interruption, no interference, no noise is a quality product.

Second: What are the indicators that professional users value more in a microphone?

1、Dynamic range

Generally speaking, the human ear can hear the minimum sound and maximum sound range is 0 to 120 decibels (dB), microphones also have a recording volume range, we call the electric frequency difference, that is, the dynamic range. Microphone parameters are generally marked as Max SPL and E.I.N (maximum sound pressure and bottom noise), the latter minus the former is the dynamic range of the microphone, for example, Max SPL 130 dB SPL and E.I.N 16 dB, so the receiving range is 114 dB. If the bottom noise is too high, the sound is weak, it must be very close to the source, otherwise it is simply impossible to record below the bottom noise Otherwise, it will not record at all. So the wider the dynamic range the improved, but the price may be higher.

2, frequency response

We talked about the dynamic management range research mainly through the microphone can technically accept the input volume decibel range, while the frequency response (Freqency Response) refers to the microphone to different operating frequencies and the volume of the sound response. The microphone’s frequency analysis response time range is between 20Hz and 20kHz, the greater the range of application of this value, the much better the microphone, in the sound of post-production effects processing will also have some help. The microphone with good frequency response, if there is a show curve, you can find the line is flat in time, that is, in most students can directly respond to the frequency of the main nearly equal radio effect, very suitable for China to include the real ambient sound. Of course, some of the microphones used to record specific ethnic instruments or vocals may have different frequency response countries, but that is another is a study of professional issues.

3: What are the main advantages of the mainstream wireless U-segment microphones?

1, u section, also known as uhf, is a high frequency receiver, generally defined as 500mhz-900mhz frequency, with stable, strong anti-interference ability, long receiving distance, etc. 2, the cost is more expensive, generally used for demanding occasions, suitable for unified use of multiple sets of installation, usually can be divided into multiple frequency bands, to achieve the same occasion multiple machines multi-frequency use without interference.

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Microphones are essential in meeting and KTV methods, but would you know the 4 factors of procurement?

Microphones are essential in meeting and KTV techniques, but do you know the four factors of procurement?

Use this microphone when singing outdoors, training and assembly in conference rooms

Kitchen work area we regardless of the size of the business, do a good job of these ten home design tips, use more convenient, easier to take care of

1, space reasonable arrangement planning

Photo source homeowner @ please call me dumb

When doing kitchen layout, the first thing to consider is to operate the mobile line, which will make it easier for us to make delicious food.

The process of getting food from the refrigerator to the table should be in a straight line to reduce the arrangement of folding back, which is more conducive to our operation. The most common kitchen layout is „L“ and „U“. My kitchen is relatively small, but it is designed as a U-shape, which works very well and makes full use of the space.

How do you determine whether to design an „L“ or „U“ shape?

Of course, according to the size of the kitchen, „L-shaped“ is the current standard kitchen layout, small kitchens are designed as „L“, large areas are designed as „U“, of course, the larger the kitchen, the more cabinets, accept the natural and more convenient.

2, wall painting waterproof

Most kitchens do not leak, my home is not, but I still insist on the walls and floors are coated with a waterproof layer, because the kitchen and bathroom are the same, are wet environmental protection zone, waterproof it also has a moisture-proof function, will be more protective of wood cabinets, will not mold.

Tips: In the back of the tiles, cabinets and cabinets, you can choose the material paste in the lower corner of the living room, will reduce some material costs.

3、Cabinets choose drawers for separate storage

▲Most people’s kitchen floor cabinets are ordinary floor, storage function is too little. Instead, I chose a drawer design with storage dividers. One layer is for tea, coffee and baking materials, and the other layer is for various knives and forks and tableware.

▲ ordinary drawer as long as we time, you will find that looking for yourself a use knife and fork to cut something students will panic, and when you find it, the pot has been burned paste, this is through the drawer the most common method is also one of the most confusing storage home business. So after using good drawer separation to do storage, neatly regulate the orderly listing of various living utensils, at a glance, you will find for the entire social world are smooth.

4. Make full use of the wall between the hanging cabinets and floor cabinets

Planning a good line to produce cabinets and hanging cabinets, that is, only the middle wall can be used, and more and more knives at home, cutting meat, cutting fruit even scissors add up to nearly 10.

▲ I installed a magnetic knife rack on the wall to store all the tools, big and small. The orderly row is very beautiful and easy to take up.

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The “home pain points” that countless Chinese families are prone to step on because of their education, each one of them is heartbreaking and I really regret not installing the right one.

Verschiedene Eintöpfe für Frauen nach der Geburt, ihre Funktionen und Ernährung. teilen

Tungweed 3 Gramm Fischkopf und eine kleine Menge Salzwein, „497“ Tabletten

Zubereitung: Fisch in etwas Öl von beiden Seiten goldbraun anbraten, mit etwas Reiswein ablöschen, das Fischkopfprotein in eine Auflaufform geben, mit kochendem Wasser auffüllen. Etwas kochendes Wasser, Ingwerscheiben, chinesische Kräuter und getrockneten Fisch hinzufügen und 3 Stunden kochen lassen, dann mit etwas Salz abschmecken. (Hier können wir nicht zu salzig für eine neue Mutter zu trinken meine eigene ohne Zugabe von Salz, warum sie nicht verwenden Karausche? Man kann auch den Karausche verwenden, aber wenn die Firma einen Kaiserschnitt hat, kennen wir das örtliche Sprichwort, dass das Trinken von Karausche nicht gut für die Wundgewebsheilung ist. (Tauschen Sie also den Fischkopf aus, obwohl derselbe süß und schmackhaft ist) Tongchao ist die Milchsuppe.

Verschiedene Eintöpfe für Frauen nach der Geburt, ihre Funktionen und Ernährung. Teilen Sie dies (zweite Ausgabe)

Eucommiae Tuberosesuppe

Zutaten; 20 Gramm Eukommia, 500 Gramm Fassknochen, Ingwer 2 Scheiben Ingwer, eine kleine Menge von Konstrukt selbst, Honig Datteln.

Wie man es macht; Fassknochen blanchieren, Eukommia, Ingwer, Honig Datteln kochen 4,5 Stunden oder mehr (diese feudale Spezialkur einige Novizen Lehrerin Mutter für postpartale Rückenschmerzen)

Verschiedene Eintöpfe für Frauen nach der Geburt, ihre Funktionen und Ernährung. Teilen Sie dies (zweite Ausgabe)

Taubeneintopf mit Milch

Zutaten: eine Flasche Milch, 2 Taubeneier, ein Kandiszuckerriegel.

Zubereitung: Die ganzen Taubeneier kochen, die Schalen entfernen, die Milch in den Eintopf geben, die Taubeneier und den braunen Zucker dazugeben und 40 Minuten köcheln lassen.

Tauben- und chinesische Yamswurzelsuppe

Eine Taube, eine Scheibe mageres Fleisch und 3 Scheiben getrocknete Yamswurzel,滴雞精比較Die verwendete Hühnerrasse hat direkten Einfluss auf den Geschmack und den Nährwert des Produkts. Sowohl Dynasty als auch Blanche’s Essence werden aus Hühnern aus ausgelagerten Hühnerfarmen in Taiwan hergestellt, während Hung Fook aus der Europäischen Union importierte Hühner verwendet.
um die richtige Menge an Ingwerscheiben zu erhalten

Methode: Mageres Taubenfleisch kochen, Wasser kochen, Yamswurzel, selbst kochen, Ingwer, mageres Fleisch, Taubentopf schmoren, 3 Stunden köcheln lassen.

Mehrere Eintöpfe für Frauen nach der Geburt, ihre Funktionen und Ernährung. Teilen Sie dies (zweite Ausgabe)

geschmorte Schweinefüße mit Wildkräutern

Zutaten: ein halber Schweinsfuß, 4 Gramm chinesische Kräuter, 5 rote Datteln mit entfernten Kernen, 2 Scheiben Ingwer

Zubereitung: Schweinefüße blanchieren, eine Kasserolle mit reichlich Wasser füllen,Um hausgemachte Hühneressenz herzustellen, entfernen Sie den Kopf, die Haut, das Fett, die Füße und die inneren Organe des Huhns, legen Sie das Huhn dann auf ein Dampfgargestell und dämpfen Sie es 2 bis 3 Stunden lang, um das Fett aus dem Hühnersaft zu entfernen.滴雞精懷孕。 Schweinefüße, rote Tongkao-Datteln und Ingwer hinzufügen und 3 bis 4 Stunden kochen lassen.

Verschiedene Eintöpfe für Frauen nach der Geburt, ihre Funktionen und Ernährung. Dies teilen (Phase 2)


Zutaten: zwei rohe Eier, ein Schuss Ingwerjon und ein Löffel reiner Reiswein.

Wie man es macht; schlagen Sie ein Ei in einer Pfanne und braten Sie es, bis beide Seiten gelb sind,
Wenn Sie keine Fischsuppe mögen, können Sie sie mit Hühnerbrühe oder Hühneressenz kochen坐月湯水。」Eine niedrige Milchproduktion hängt auch mit einem Mangel an Blut-Qi zusammen. Sie können gleichzeitig Menstruationssuppe oder Hühnertropfen verwenden, um das Blut-Qi zu nähren und die Suppe aufzunehmen, um die Milchproduktion zu fördern. fügen Sie Ingwerjon zusammen kann zu braun gebraten werden, gießen Sie in einem Löffel Reiswein, fügen Sie eine Schüssel mit gewöhnlichem Wasser, decken Sie mit einem Deckel und kochen, fügen Sie ein wenig Salz verzehrt werden kann (dies geht an die Novizenlehrerin Mutter wählen Sie den Wind Chill in den Monat)

Getrocknete Jakobsmuschel und Maissuppe

Inhaltsstoffe; Mais als Ei-Stärke-Muschel

Methode: Den Mais zu Granulat zerkleinern, Jakobsmuschel weich dämpfen und zerdrücken.

Füllen Sie den Kessel mit Wasser. Die Maiskörner hineingeben und kochen. Die gehackten Stiele und Eier hinzufügen. In den Topf gießen. Das nasse stärkehaltige Wasser hinzufügen und einseitig umrühren. Zum Kochen bringen und mit den gehackten Jakobsmuscheln bestreuen. Dienen. (Der Zweck ist für eine Lehrermutter, die zu viel von der Suppe trinkt, aus Angst, dass sie davon müde wird, eine Geschmacksveränderung zu geben, mit Mais-Hauptaroma, mit Jakobsmuschel-Nahrung)

Guangdong hat auch Schweinefüße und Ingwer, was in der Tat eine Vorspeise ist, ich werde ein Video mit einigen Details herausbringen, danke fürs Lesen, das obige ist eine Erfahrung mit einer fetten Mamasuppe, ah, Sie können es mit Ihrer Freundin, Kollegen und Freunden teilen, wenn Sie es brauchen, oder ein neuer Papa kann es an seiner Frau ausprobieren.


Even if the husband = “kitchen killer” these months of son soup can be easily learned!


月の子フロリダの鯉と豆腐のスープ エッセンスローミルクの神様、子供が食べきれない心配はもういらない!







車主銷售的碳減排將出現在北京碳排放交易市場。 為了能夠讓









In reality, OA office environment automation administration task has accomplished

Server as enterprise office environment automation administration system

Nowadays, the intensive development and software of pc network, interaction technological innovation and multimedia technologies have entirely modified people’s regular get the job done and existence model, which also makes place of work automation determined by personal computer community and aiming at collaborative get the job done provides a new development prospect. Industry experts feel that using the advent of the information age, factory fantastic management is more in-depth, within this context, the Ministry of human sources around the usage of information software to determine the wooden division of workplace automation undertaking is quite necessary.

In reality, OA office environment automation administration task has accomplished personnel administration module, agreement management module, attendance administration module, recruitment management module, resignation management module, Aluminum cnc machining parts and prototype can be developed at Accurate
production instrument administration module, set assets management module, cutting instrument administration module, office provides administration module, etc. For a skilled facts administration software, qinzhe excel assistance emerges since the moments require. Based on studies, the features of qinzhe excel support from the industry of office environment automation include things like:

(1) The course of action in the human resources office really should be data-based and process-based, making sure that it really is uncomplicated to question and summarize. The data is not scattered, and the information safety is also guaranteed. The entire process organizations should consider the key benefits of each hybrid cloud that suit business needs.of human methods is usually crystal clear and crystal clear.

(2) Make information system, crack the data island, and make an array of basic data superior provide every division. By way of example, it is handy for the substance manage office to manage the resources by combining the tool assortment along with the publish, along with the mix of business provides assortment and buy to facilitate extra exact decision-making. At present, the modules concluded while in the project are not unbiased devices, but are linked alongside one another by interior logic.

The subsequent might be divided into modules to clarify the completion from the project (see OA business automation management venture person manual for in depth filling and utilization of just about every module). (1) Human sources module OA business office automation management project has completed the subsequent a number of human methods modules (1) recruitment module, administrative workers recruitment (which include reserve cadres), intern recruitment procedure, and personnel recruitment. (two) Time beyond regulation leave module, including go away process, overtime software course of action, personnel transfer office automation system digitalises and automate internal workflows, increases productivity, reduce paperwork.leave file question, worker leave ask for and extra time question stats. (3) Promotion module, (4) worker transfer module, together with the worker transfer module, (five) resignation module, like resignation software, resignation interview report, leaving worker in-service analysis type, resignation data document sort, transfer out personnel (Hongyang inside transfer) info document sort. (6) Human assets file information management process (7) salary module, the module continues to be founded (however will need to test for the time frame, from your official use of a time frame). (8) File management contains: worker file information table, agreement signing reminder, social security processing reminder, social safety file (2) workplace materials module, office environment provides collection process, business materials program working with better technique, from your write-up classification settings, posting code options, for the inventory in order, inventory out buy, regular inventory table, stock management, basic safety stock reminder, after which you can to facts summary question, All of these are relatively perfect (see „OA workplace automation management computer software use instructions“ for your filling system). At the moment, it truly is doable to compute division charges and purchase costs based on time and department anytime, and these details happen to be integrated using the acquire requisition module, furnishing info help for judging whether to acquire items or not.

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Server as enterprise business office automation administration program

At present, the considerable advancement

simplification and performance refinement

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幼教課程(early childhood education),涵蓋高級文憑、學士、研究生及在職教師專業進修課程,培訓了全港超過8成的幼教老師及校長。





























林淦生盆腔淨(註冊中成藥) ,專科治療慢性盆腔炎,適合對付頑固性炎症、病情反覆難治之患者









小編說的就是可以度身訂造,而且天然的「日本経穴の豐胸療程?」!擁有 27 年日本穴位科研經驗的豐胸專家謝沇錤小姐,在香港成立了「謝沇錤豐胸纖體專門店」,為香港女生提供專業而且有效的豐胸療程~






哩個日本経穴の豐胸療程 (包括60分鐘日本経穴の豐胸療程及30分鐘胸部分析)完成療程後仲送美白乳暈胸膜療程(15分鐘)或意大利豐胸精華1支,快啲去試下啦!




其實胸部就如肌膚,一樣需要呵護保養。只要升cup 方法,不只可以豐胸,更可以改善胸型。











近視現狀:近視已成為傷害青少年康健的頭號敵人 。























核心提示:當下兒童近視高發,“宅”竟然是重要因素之一。在昨天舉行的第三屆“學校醫療計劃”培訓會上,同濟醫院的眼科醫生Xiang Yan的評論引起了在場的學校醫生和教師的興趣。

當下兒童近視高發,“宅”竟然是重要因素之一。在昨天舉行的第三屆“學校醫療計劃”培訓會上,同濟醫院的眼科醫生Xiang Yan的評論引起了在場的學校醫生和教師的興趣。

CooperVision 隱形眼鏡屬較新近視控制的技術,有助減緩兒童近視加深。有臨床研究顯示,兒童配戴光學離焦隱形眼鏡後,平均能成功減慢近視加深的速度59%。更有25%使用三年兒童之後近視度數完全沒增加。

向豔介紹,俄亥俄州立大學研究人員曾對500多個8-9歲兒童的追蹤調查和統計結果分析,意外發現在戶外活動的時間是近視發生的唯一強相關因素。而悉尼科技大學視力矯正中心的Kathryn Rose團隊對4000名中小學生的調查研究發現,孩子們只要在戶外活動,不論是運動、野餐、甚至是閱讀,患近視的幾率都低於戶外活動時間少的孩子,“眼睛接觸陽光的時間越短,近視的風險越高。”



在很多家長的觀念裏,視力下降就是近視,應該趕緊去配鏡。向豔建議,首先要辨別孩子是真性近視還是假性近視,通過擴瞳驗光的方法來檢測。假如用擴瞳驗光後,遠視度數消逝,呈現為重視眼或遠視眼,那孩子多是因為用眼適度造成的目力疲憊,這類情形就可能是假性近視,後期通過減少用眼,從而慢慢恢複到正常的視力;如果用擴瞳方法後,孩子的近視屈光度未降低,則可能是真性近視。向豔建議,兒童學習宜選擇白熾燈,或者高亮度、高光譜純度的LED燈,對於那些頻率太低(50~100 Hz)存在頻閃的熒光燈建議不用。“校醫計劃”由同濟醫院、漢陽區教育局與楚天都市報聯合主辦,由同濟醫院定期派出知名兒科專家,對漢陽區各中小學、幼兒園的校醫開展免費集中培訓,旨在提高校醫應對疾病和疫情的能力。